Charleston Real Estate Tells Secrets for Staging Your Home to Sell in a Hurry

homes for sale in charleston scWhether the market is favoring the home sellers or the home buyers, properly staging a house will give you the best chance to sell the house in a timely manner. This is very important because each month the house sits on the market, as a seller you start second guessing your listing price and start dropping your number. Once this starts, buyers will wait you out until the house is where they want it.

To sell the house in a timely manner and get full selling price, consider a few of these home staging techniques from Premier One – Charleston SC homes for sale, that are simple and effective to implement.

Rent a power washing machines and give the exterior of the house new life. Restore the siding, the gutters, sidewalks, driveway, patio area and the fence. When the exterior looks spot-on, it gives the potential buyer the impression the interior must be as well kept too.

Take down all the pictures of your family and replace them with neutral pictures. The reason for this is simple, once a potential buyer is in the house, you wan them focusing on imagining their family living there, not expending energy trying to not picture yours still there.

Start working on getting any clutter boxed and to a storage unit off the property. The more things you can pack today, the more roomy the inside of the house will look and feel, allowing the buyer to easily picture ll their belongings being there with no issues.

Make all repairs throughout the house before you show it. The last thing you want is the potential buyer to find things wrong and ask for a reduction in listing price to compensate for all the things needing work. Fix them now and removing that bargaining chip.

Hire a professional cleaning service to wash the windows, steam clean the carpeting and upholstery, clean the curtains, wash tiles and grout, and give the entire interior that spotless appearance. This will go a long way will helping buyers fall in love with your home.

If you can not do the work yourself, hire a landscaping crew to trim trees, bushes, and hedges. Have them cut the grass, trim the edges, and mulch flowerbeds or trees throughout the property. Keep the crew on standby until the house sells.

Try a few of these home staging techniques and you will find that buyers get emotionally connected to your house and will do anything so they do not lose it to another potential buyer.